I am he is you are he is you are me and we are all together


Well, I won’t say this is my first blog mainly because I don’t like to lie. Another reason is because that’s my personality, always starting something and never finishing. Hopefully I will actually keep this one going, I am setting a goal to write at least 3 times a week. Hey, if I can keep a diary for years then why can’t I write a blog a couple times a week.

This may never be seen by anyone, but at least I’ll have an outlet. Maybe that’s why many of us do it in the first place. Hopefully though by writing everything out it will give my life more of a direction. If not it’s nice to let it all out. So this is just going to be that short introductory post and I will be posting again this week. Look already making promises so I have to do it. Actually no, the rule of thumb is never make promises especially to children, because situations change and are out of our control.



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