Straight teen commits suicide.


I dont like to watch the news, I tend to live in my own little bubble. Trying to get through my daily struggles without bombarding my mind with all the other stuff that goes on in this crazy world. I choose to read, watch or listen to the news when it is relivant to me. Mostly I like to learn about things through memoirs of child soldiers or drug addicts. This let’s me see the situation through a one on one point of you, without disruption or opinions from the media.

There are quite a few things I’ve learned about media over these past few years along with the fact that I just plain don’t like it. The news tells you what they want you to hear/see. They pick and choose the stories, the neighbourhoods, the ethinticities, the situations, every detail. It makes sense, they are going to be broadcasting to the whole world and they can’t show us everything. So they pick a certain little girl thats lost, disregarding the other 5,000 lost children. Better yet the 8,000 children on the streets who were abandoned, beaten, ran away, or even kidnapped.

Media can’t bring light to them all, and can’t talk about them all. But who picks and chooses these stories? A team? A single person that works for the news? A team that works for the government? A single person that works for the government? Are they against gays? Are they married? Would those things affect the stories they chose to report on? There is more questions then answers and I feel like it will always be a losing battle because I will never hear what I feel needs to be portrayed by the news.

The reason this post came to be is the title of a certain news story. I just don’t understand it and that’s why I feel I need to write it out, see if maybe writing can help me to understand. The title uses the words “gay teen”. I don’t understand why him being gay has to do with anything. You can use the argument well it’s about gay teens being bullied and that’s why they commit suicide. I wasn’t  “out” when I was younger and being bullied, but if I committed suicide what would it be linked to? Why not say “young artist” or “young student”?

Why does our sexuality have to be announced in the title of our suicide article? It’s like anytime I say something, in front of my name has to say lesbian, kind of like Dr. if you think about it. So where does this leave us at the end of our rant? Still wondering why it has to say “gay teen” and still trying to understand why we are put into groups and categories mainly dependent on sexual orientation. As for the media, I still don’t pay attention to it. Despite never being able to avoid it in my life.



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