STCS part 2


This is a continuation on the last piece because I thought the ending was terrible. I mainly talked about my views on the media and started getting tired so I went down hill when talking about the article itself.

The main point is that you would never see a title that says, “Straight Teen Commits Suicide”. My question is why is sexual orientation even in the title and since it is why don’t we don’t we say “straight”? So I would assume that if there is a sexual orientation written in the tittle the person being written about is straight, which I think is a valid assumption. Numerous examples can be seen in the media every day on the thousands of news-stands, lobbies and smoke shops. So, if a gay person is labeled in the title and a straight person isn’t then it would probably be safe to say that we are accepting straight as the “norm” or at least the “default”. I know that “gay” will never be the norm at least not this day and age but what I don’t understand is why we just can’t go without labels.

Which brings in the next point, that everyone has to be stuck in categories. Don’t get me wrong we all do it, almost every minute of the day. We see a hot chick and wonder if she would be good in bed, or if her partner is as hot as she is. We see a not so well dressed guy and assume his house is messy and he’s not very clean. What about seeing a really good-looking couple and assume they would have amazing sex. Those are just a few but I think we could write a whole page on assumptions or judgments made in our daily lives. I know when I see a masculine girl, or a feminine guy I automatically assume they are gay. It doesn’t even make it right if you yourself are gay, but the fact is that we do it.

Maybe the media is just cutting our thinking time and efforts to help us out, because we were going to put him in a category anyway right? It’s possible that by the end of the article we would want to know whether he was gay or straight, but would it make a difference? Would it make a difference on our sympathy for the bullied  15-year-old boy because of his sexual orientation. Only you know that answer. I feel that it’s our actions the media feed off, to sort of give us what we are used to so the news they feed us isn’t as shocking or abnormal. A little bit of pillow for the main event. We choose to live this way and it’s our choice to make an effort to change those ways for the better. Ya, it’s definitely hard especially when you notice how often you do it. Once you get a grasp on it though you can lower the judging dramatically in just a week to a few weeks depending on how hard you push yourself. Maybe then you will notice the same things that I do. Like when strangers, the media, or even your friends judge you or put a label on you.

This is just fuel for the brain to give you something to think about. I know myself that when I see articles that have sexual orientation posted all over it I definitely get a trigger of frustration. Do you have an opinion about the media categorizing by sexual orientation? Do you yourself do it, and not realize? Let me know I’d love to hear another opinion or point of view.



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