Exercising my right to say no


This post may just turn into a rant, if it does so then I do apologize. This has to do with the word “no” being so simple that people can’t understand it. They always have to have a reason for everything, it can’t just be “no” and left at that.

One of my prime examples is not drinking. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, people cant except that answer it seems. They always want to know if I have a drinking problem, or if somethings wrong. If I’m not drinking it means something must be wrong. That’s what happened at a party I attended last night. It’s just really annoying when “no thank you” when offered a drink is not good enough. They feel that they DESERVE an explanation,  is this why people wont leave the drinking topic alone? Or is it because they think everyone at this age should be drinking? If I was in my 50’s would I get the same questions? All these questions that I’m asking I would definitely love the answers to.

Another one that makes me tilt my head in curiosity is how in a relationship it may not be okay to say “no” to sex. Once again it boils down to the fact that sometimes I just don’t want to do it. Maybe I’m tired, or lazy, or not turned on. Why do they feel I have to say yes because I’m in a relationship. So whenever one person wants to, the other person has to be willing to? No matter when it is, how hard they worked that day, how they’re feeling, how they’re body feels? ….. Nope, guess not.

Maybe studies will be done to answer these types of questions, knowledge is power right? Until then I am stuck sticking up for myself in a world I sometimes feel so alone in. Cross your fingers and wish me luck that I continue to meet people that accept me and that accept “no” for an answer, seeking nothing else. What I give them will finally satisfy them and I don’t have to explain myself.


*saved as a draft in October, just read it and decided to post it*


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