Brush Me


I have now also added an experiments category …. muah hahaha.

I am not Frankenstein or anything close, but this category is where I will talk about all the things I have tried and will try. I’ll be able to talk about the research up to the experiment, doing it, reactions, feelings, thoughts, aftermath etc.

This particular post will be about the new “experiment” I’m doing right now.

This is: Brushing my teeth, flossing my teeth and then using mouthwash every morning as part of my daily routine.

My original routine was just brushing my teeth and sometimes using mouthwash.

I’ve been doing this new routine for a couple weeks now and I must say it actually makes a big difference…
my mouth actually kinda feels fresh all day long. Also after you do the first two and spit out the mouth wash .. sometimes there’s still stuff. Ewie .. if you kind of think about it lol. There are times where I didn’t have time to do all three and my morning was definitely not as fresh and clean feeling. I’ve been impressed with the cleanliness I feel and because of this I definitely think this will become a life routine. It is also what your dentist bugs you to do every time you visit, so why not kill two birds with one stone.


Couple notes to end this post…

*It’s also important to change your tooth brush every few months, a lot of people forget this.
I personally change my toothbrush every time I run out of toothpaste and start a new tube, it’s a good way not to forget.

**Please if you are sexually active with a partner remember the way you take care of your body affects them too. I know this seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe some of the people out there.



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