Transpo Courtesy


This is a little post about riding the bus in the city.


I personally bike half way to work and then bus the rest. I bike the first half because coming home at night, the wait for the second bus is sometimes over half an hour and it only takes me ten minutes to bike home. I love to bike and it is usually always lovely, so I don’t mind. As for the busing part though, well that sometimes can be a different story. I’m usually a pretty patient person and can handle pushy and rude people.

One thing I can’t handle is people without manners, it honestly drives me BONKERS!

Let’s go over some examples of things I cannot stand happening on the bus.

Concrete People
When people stand completely still and won’t move to go with the flow of people moving in or out. They will stand there like they are stuck in concrete and you have to worm your way around them. You think to your self, “would slightly moving to the right three inches have killed you?!”

Too young too care
These people are young enough to stand but refuse to move. Whether it be old people that get on the bus, children or pregnant women these people just won’t move. I mean yes, some old people are rude, and some kids are brats but they should really be sitting down.
(ex. from yesterday: there was a stroller that got on and 4 young people taking up the front seats, three on one side one on the other. The stroller came on and they all just sat there doing nothing. The bus driver asked them to get up, but the one person on the one side just moved over…. then he asked them again to get up, they looked at him like they had no idea. What is with these people?!?!!?) eventually the one chick moved, but to the spot where usually the mom would sit.)

This person will shove past you without saying excuse me or sorry. They also will shove their carts onto your heels and not apologize. They have no manners, and no respect for the people around them.

The rude bus driver
This person just not does not give two shits about you or anyone else on that bus for that matter. You ask them if it goes to a certain place and they tell you what does the bus title say. Gee thanks asshole! They could also drive past you, almost hit you, stop suddenly (just for fun). Some are kind and considerate … but most need to get a new day job.

Why am I complaining about busing? Why don’t I just get a vehicle if I find it so bad?
Well… I don’t actually find it that bad, I really don’t mind it. But sometimes, I just want to be a bus driver so I can tell kids to get off their ass and give a seat to the grandma or tell the person when I say move to the back … it means … MOVE TO THE BACK.

Well maybe next time you ride the bus you’ll remember it’s not just you on that bus and manners can take you farther then you think.



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