Pretty Lights!


We are gonna play a little game. 🙂

Think back to when you were a kid, wild, free, no reservations.

Remember the games you used to play?
red rover
red light green light

Let’s take a minute and think about the last one. I remember that game … do you?
I remember that red meant stop and green meant go, and sometimes there would be a yellow and that meant caution.
Anyone else?

There must have been a few nods of the head there 🙂

Well where did that knowledge go?
Why does red mean go, yellow means race, and green is i’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want?
I see people running red lights at least once a day and they had plenty of time to stop for the yellow… is it really that much of a rush? Or… an even better example they are sitting at a yellow light and when it turns red they go? I don’t know about your childhood, but that’s not how the game went….
Pretty sure that game stemmed from traffic lights .. but I could be coming completely out of left field.
Oh and those lights on either side of your car, they’re just there to make it pretty .. like diamond studded earrings for example. 🙂

Any bikers out there?
Well I don’t know if this is known by everyone but your bike is a vehicle…
crazy! .. I know right?!?!?!
So.. where do vehicles go?
The road!!
Even crazier! lol
Oh and wait for it …… what do vehicles have to do?
Follow the rules of the road!
Which means , a stop light is a stop light. Not a …. oh i’m a biker….. nothings coming … go!

** you also give bikers that actually follow the rules a bad rap …. so thanks for that lol

I know you can definitely get my subtle hints of sarcasm here lol, but I am sad that I see this often enough to have to write about it.

But here’s the craziest thing about this whole post …
Just think … if everyone followed the rules of the road…
There would be no accidents, deaths, or injuries ….
Mind blowing …..

There’s my rant for the day! 😀

Hope you follow the rules of the road a bit more after reading this. Help save lives!

** video may offend some viewers **




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