Female Voices


Alright, so mellow muse was some boy voices now it’s time for the girls.
These are some bands I’ve discovered that have more of a beat to them, you can even dance to some of the songs. Like I said before, hope you at least find one you like and want to hear more from. Enjoy!

Uh huh her
Lesbian band that includes Alice from The L Word. Had to have a couple listens before they actually stuck on me.

Sick of Sarah (SOS)
Was in my youtube suggestions.

The Grates
Was on a mixed CD that the college put out. I suggest listening to more then one song.

The Sounds
Part of a suggestion as well. Also should listen to more then one song.

Lana Del Rey
She honestly needs her own category. Gorgeous music.

Florence and the Machine
These guys are already in main stream.

Well you now have all the secrets to the beats that keep me going, cheer me up, let me be sad, get creative, dance around naked?

Hope you enjoyed the music I shared and if you discover any out there similar to the music you now know I like, feel free to share! I love discovering new sounds 🙂



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