Lack of Activity


I apologize for the lack of activity recently. I’ve had a lot going on this past month.

My papa passed away October 30th and the whole month we’ve been worried when and how it would happen as well as the process in which we would have to go through.  He got cremated on Halloween and we will be doing a celebration of life in June. I am very happy with the decision the family has made, no one likes funerals and with all the sadness we’ve been having it’s time to take time for us to let him go. Also Nana will have the ashes at the house so she can talk to him, spend time with him etc. I think it will be really good for all of us.

papa and i

papa and i

At work I am now part of a committee that helps plan meetings, events and contests for our dept. I have also applied for a full time position, so there’s been a lot of things up in the air, as well as a lot of time and energy invested in the work place. This has also helped a lot with my coping of everything. I really enjoy my job and even when I’m having a hard time when I go in to work, I leave happy.

Home life has been not too shabby, the cats are good 🙂 I’ve been seeing someone recently and she’s been an amazing help with this whole process. Our second date she drove me 3 hours so I could go see my family when we thought my papa was going to pass. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be by my side during this whole process. Today is a big day for us, it’s been about a month and we are starting to find some kinks and new information. We are going to have a coffee date just to talk about everything, kinda see where we stand and where we want to go from here.

Like I said at the beginning a lot has been going on recently. Even with all of this though I still know myself, better then anyone ever will. I take pride in having time alone, being independent, doing things in the “now” and not having to wait for someone to do them with, being strong, and trying to always do these things with a smile on my face. We shall see what the future holds with the lady, my family, my work, but in the end I know I always have myself. That’s one thing that matters the most. “To thine own self be true” – Hamlet.

lord as i

I do want to thank all the people that have been there for me during this hard time and appreciate you taking time to think of me and my family.



** Well writing this blog I was listening to:


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