Who are we really


Growing up we are always faced with the “big question” from adults.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most of us choose fire fighters, pilot, nurse, doctor, vet, or in my case marine biologist. If you think about it, how many of us actually get there? I know I came no where close to what I actually wanted to be.  How about yourselves?

Now what if we changed your perspective and told you that what you want to be when you grow up may actually have nothing to do with your career at all. What if it meant what kind of person are you going to be? Or what kind of values/ morals are you going to have/practice? Even, who might you aspire to be or be like when you grow up?

Well that’s what it was like to a man I know, as a young boy. He aspired to be more then just a boy, and more then a man. He aspired to be the guiding light to many, always being the good, doing right by the people even if it meant sacrificing his happiness, or his dreams. This man embodies everything a true hero could possibly be.

What if your aspiration isn’t to be a mere man, but be the peoples hero. To be the good guy, no matter what challenges you face. To keep the promise “that with great power comes great responsibility”. I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it done and it still astounds me.

All these amazing things we see heroes do, or see the way they act. We know they came from examples of real life heroes or the writers dreams and imagination. What if everything they wrote was true of an actual human being, someone here on earth. Someone real, that you could see and touch. I believe this to be true. I believe that coursing through my friends veins is the true red and blue, the good, the kind,  the amazing …….


I said it, I’m not crazy. Well maybe just slightly, but not with this. I have been friends with this man for months and anyone that meets him can see that he’s not your average guy. He has all the characteristics of a true hero, a hero that believes in good, that believes that there is good in everyone.  A hero that will stand up for the ones that can’t and carry the ones in danger to safety. It took me a few months of our friendship and pushing him away to come to terms with who he really was . But it’s who he is, and he has stayed strong in that, because it’s something he can’t change.


Questioning his loyalties happened once, and that would be the first and last time it happened. I didn’t believe that a common man could have loyalties to everyone he met, but he does it with only the best intentions. He is true to everyone around him and holds everyone’s darkest secrets locked away safe. He gives advice only to uplift, or put a positive light on people’s upsetting sometimes dark situations. He doesn’t have a bat signal but he is a mere call away at anytime of the night and will come to rescue the situation at hand. He is a true gentleman that believes a woman’s worth should be honoured and treasured.

It’s time that everyone should know that the heroes in movies might just be real people. I know for a fact of one hero, and that is my beloved Spiderman. I hold you dear to my heart and you are never alone. I believe in you and always will, even when you don’t believe in yourself xoxo.



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