Oh Friday


I won’t go on to talk about the ordeal I had last evening, we will just say that I had to go to the clinic this morning to get checked for everything that could be wrong with me and leave it at that.

So after the clinic it was just so darn beautiful out, that I decided maybe I should go pay my library bill. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, my ex J and I didn’t have a computer for the longest time so we used to go there a lot. I also love my documentaries and weird, random films, which the library is bountiful in. I realized how much I missed it, the smell, the homeless people napping, and all the different people READING. READING REAL BOOKS!! With pages made of paper and everything! So refreshing, it felt like the good ol days when people actually read books.

After the library I decided that I wanted to get myself some new lipstick, so I stopped at Shoppers and got some pretty pink colour for my lips. Walking outside I watched as people hustled by busily. There was spring in the air, people were happier that the warm weather was here. I haven’t walked around down town in awhile and I relished in the suits, bow-ties, and weird fashion women are trying to pull off these days.

I was getting hungry and all I was craving last night was mozza sticks so I decided to stop into a pub. I really enjoy Royal Oak, but I don’t think I’ve been to this one. I decided to give it a try, it was right there so why not?! I was served by this lovely tattooed young lady who was pretty much serving the whole place herself and killing it. I like to people watch, so I payed attention to the people around me. There was these 2 couples sharing a booth one of the guys would not lift his eyes from his phone. I had the hugest urge to tell him that he’s surrounded by people, laughing and enjoying themselves and that he might want to join in. I resisted, I’m bold but I also know when to mind my own business. There was also this booth with 3 bald/balding men and a very bored young female. My favourite though was a group table, everyone was socializing smiling and enjoying each others company. There was 2 women there that had such beautiful, natural loud laughs that laughed until they cried. I smiled to myself while sipping on my amaretto on ice. To top off these beautiful moments, halfway through my meal a live band started playing “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. Tears me up every time, just strikes a chord in my heart of nostalgia.. I don’t know. As I’m leaving they start to play Santana, just magical.

So I continue to walk down the street and I smile at all the pride flags, blowing in the wind. I also see them on almost every store and window 🙂 There’s 2 guys walking in my direction, one wearing a t-shirt that has all the writing of a famous hot sauce bottle and some guy stops him to ask where he got it 🙂 (we’re such friendly people sometimes)
LGBT Mural

I decide that I’m going to stop in my little hippie store to pick up some things for a care package I’m making my lady friend. They are friendly and wonderful as per usual, and I love going into stores filled with so many amazing things. Locally made soaps, and lotions, organic food, natural bees wax candles, natural bath balls, and handmade handkerchiefs. After I pick up some goodies I continue on.

I walk by an LGBT art type shop and see a gay couple talking about the merchandise displayed in the window. One saying he was going to purchase the other a bracelet today but was unsure if he would prefer a different one. I smile to myself, so thankful that we CAN BE. I walk a little further and glance to my right where the sun is setting so perfectly the colours settle on the old houses and trees just right. When I look to my left the moon shines high in the blue sky, clear as day.  I head down one of the side streets, and observe the bikers, skate boarders and walkers all enjoying this wonderful day. I look up in a tree to find a stunning cardinal, just sitting there singing away. I stand there in wonder, as I have not yet seen one in Ottawa. It’s a wonder that it’s still there with the loud traffic! Shortly after I thought that a huge truck came speeding by and it flew away. I walk past a clump of ivy growing on the side of a house and the birds are all hidden in there singing their little hearts out. I smile again, such simple beautiful every day miracles. I refuse to become too busy to notice my surroundings, to appreciate them for all their beauty and glory. Oh Friday, despite the pain … how wonderful you were!


** Wrote this blog listening to “Gold Motel” and “Our Lady Peace”



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