How can you still be surprised?


I don’t usually post things like this, but it upsets me that people are still shocked by this stuff. No matter how many people tell you it’s true, not matter how much humans fight for animal rights, you don’t believe this stuff happens every single day? You refuse to believe this happens to the food you eat? Open your eyes world!!!

My blurb on facebook that I shared with the link:
The statements from the corporations saying they were unaware of this are nothing but cover-up. Why would those type of machines be there in the first place if they weren’t supposed to be used for those purposes? People always ask why I’m a¬†vegetarian, I get laughed at and jokes stem from my diet choice. Rarely I hear replies like, “that’s kool” and we move on with our day. But out of the one reason why I started there are a thousand why I keep it up, and this is one.

Please click on lick below to read about the “latest shocking news” in meat companies practices.

Baby chickens cooked alive


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