Magical Moments


Ever since I can remember I’ve been a very sensitive person. Sensitive to the things people say and do, sensitive to feelings/ vibes, sensitive to nature and my surroundings.

This morning I just felt off, more sensitive than usual. It felt like M. and I had a fight or something the night before, when there was nothing like that. I needed reassurance, positiveness, support to pick me back up. I had tears welling behind my eyes and could just not shake the sadness. When I got to work I put on the smile (the game face I like to call it) and no one noticed that I wanted to curl up and cry. When you fake happiness for long periods of time it can actually help to lessen the mood you’re hiding. Got out of work and the weather was perfect for a little jaunt with Edie (my bike). I felt that my sadness was there because I worked a lot this week and I just wanted to be outside and with my girl. I got to Edie and was going to ride to the park by my house and read a book. I noticed the sun setting and remembered how beautiful the sunsets are near parliament so I rode in the opposite direction and biked down Wellington towards Quebec.

As I was coming around the corner the beauty took my breath away. I didn’t understand how people could walk around and not notice the breathtaking beauty that was right in front of them. I just stood there admiring the beauty of the setting sun and the perfect lighting against parliament. So I called Nana and described the scene to her and she was of course grateful to be able to share such a beautiful moment with me. After we got off the phone I stood there in just pure amazement, the sound of the river below me, the lighting, the warmth, the sunset. It was all so perfect and filled me with so much joy and gratefulness. I then decided it was time to head back so I took the canal home. The trail was just bursting with the smell of fresh lilacs, I wanted to cry everything was just sooooo beautiful (yes, I’m for real). I went down streets I’ve never been before to get back home and then when I got home I jumped in a cool shower. THE PERFECT EVENING. 
I could say it a thousand times over and over, but I am just so overwhelmed with the beauty of this world. We are given so much, the setting sun, the lilacs, bikes, rivers, the warm breeze. I can’t help but feel like I am overflowing with joy. These moments don’t happen everyday. When they do happen for me I take the time to soak them in as much as I can. Take your time, look up, smell the flowers, life has so much to give you…. you just have to notice.



Sorry about the random italics.

Listened to some slow female jazz while writing this one, now off to bed for an early night. Goodnight world!


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