Kiss of a moment

My last blog gave a little insight on my love for nature and this one is getting a bit more specific. I love a lot of things, genuine heart bursting, bring me to tears love. One of them happens to simply be, the sky. The sky itself though is not so simple.
Let’s take a moment and appreciate some things it gives us. It gives us the rain to grow food and foliage, to fill the lakes that give life, to shine the sun on us, clouds to shade us, thunder and lighting, snowflakes to catch on your tongue and the list goes on. One thing I especially appreciate from the sky is its setting sun. Sometimes the sunsets leave me absolutely breathless, they are stunning! As much as I take pictures to share with people, it just doesn’t do them justice.
The other part to ponder with this wonderful ball of fire is the short time we have. If anyone’s ever watched a sunset we all know it doesn’t last long. We have but just a few minutes from start to end. Not only this but every minute counts, the sky literally changes before your very eyes. Before you even get a chance to truly enjoy it, it’s gone.
Shall I compare thee to a summers day, or a kiss upon thy lips? A kiss can also render you breathless or speechless with heart bursting happiness (well for me anyway). Before you know it, you’re opening your eyes and it’s over. You can still feel the taste of their kiss lingering on your lips, as with the sun setting in your heart.
Every time I get to catch a sunset I try and give it my undivided attention. It is an exhibit of art free of charge, desperate to be appreciated. Like an art exhibit, not just one person sees that piece of art. Think of all the people in the city or the city 2 hours away seeing that same setting sun. Standing, staring, appreciating, all eyes to the sky to admire this beautiful event given to you by mother nature herself.
If your office window faces the setting sun, you’re kids are playing in the yard around this time, you’re on a walk or driving in your car take a moment. Take at least one single moment and glance up to the sky to witness the beauty above.
**wrote this blog listening to “The National” **
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