New diet announcement


This was posted as a Facebook status, but I have decided not to adjust it and leave it as is.

Announcement: Hey everyone! As most of you know I have been very sick over the past year with multiple emerg visits, clinic visits, a surgery etc. the main issue is extreme nausea and vomiting with abdominal pains. I was also getting gallbladder attacks until that got removed. So sometimes I’ll go a week or so without pain and sometimes I’ll have it for weeks on end, or I might have one episode a day for like an hour. I have an endoscopy consultation at the end of the month and will know more after the procedure. I love that I have my friends from near and far knowing what’s going on so I can share my story and maybe help others, it’s also nice to have the support and kindness you guys bring. For the past two weeks I have been experiencing extreme pain every time I eat. And am also nauseas before I eat, so I don’t want to eat in the first place. Being sick for my whole Cali visit I have made the decision to change my diet COMPLETELY. I have found I am only okay when I eat nothing processed, which means a strict diet of only fruits and veggies with eggs and maybe some wheat and gluten free food (which I will be introducing as well). I will be taking information from various resources and sharing my journey with you through my blog, which I will share on here. I always get told I’m the healthiest eater people know but it seems I can be healthier and I’d like to share that with you or anyone you know that may be interested. I know this is super lengthy and if you read the whole thing, kudos! I look forward to starting this project in the upcoming weeks while sharing my struggles, success’ and opportunities. Thank you for all that you do!

Love, Rachel


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