New Healthy ~ 01/27 – 01/31/2015


These are entries from 01/27-01/31. This is during the time where I was going through preparing for my endoscopy procedure and the time after.


** Went for my endoscopy consultation today. All I want to do is cry. Mind you, I’m happy and grateful to be in so quick and for him wanting to help me. But at the same time I am going to be sick until Monday. I have to load my body with wheat and gluten for the procedure. I bought a bagel when I got out of the office and tears were welling while eating it. I’m putting food in my mouth that I know gives me nothing but pain. Soon I will have answers, soon I will know how/what to eat, soon I will be better. I look forwards to this day and am grateful that it is within my sight. He thinks it’s either celiac disease or wheat intolerance.

–          Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese

–          Water

–          GF pasta with sauce, parmasen, nutritional yeast

–          Rice crackers, red pepper hummus



–          Fruit explosion muffin

–          Timmies cold GT

–          Grande 3SFV soy no water chai

** I am soooo light headed, I constantly feel like I’m going to pass out. It’s waves of pain. Constant nausea, so hard to work and concentrate. I’m so sick and hate this so much.

** Puked in the PM



–          Ate nothing

**Vomited most of last night and today.

–          Had some grape Gatorade



–          Grape Gatorade

–          Rice crackers

–          Blueberries

** Have to have more wheat and gluten tomorrow.



-grape Gatorade

– rice

** Day was not too bad nauseous wise. Just eating some rice now, 630pm






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