New Healthy 02/17-02/24




*** It’s almost been a month on the ‘new healthy’ and I feel great! Other than the endoscopy stuff I have only gotten sick once. I am getting used to the whole “lack of convenience” thing. It’s nice to know my food is healthy, I know how it’s cooked and what it’s cooked with. I am testing a bit of my boundaries like with white vinegar, glucose, things like that. I will not give up my pickles! I’m realizing this it might just be things that are obvious wheat and gluten, like bread, etc. It’s a bit scary testing the limits but I prefer to know because I would like to not give up EVERYTHING, if I don’t have to.


–          after dinner tea

–          banana chocolate delicious smoothie

–          water

–          tomatoes, cucumbers

–          banana

–          rice with kale, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, soy sauce, peanut m&m’s


–          chocolate almond milk

–          water

–          GF carrot cake

–          Blackberry yogurt with blueberries

–          Rice (see prior day)

–          Cucumbers and tomatoes


–          water

–          chocolate almond milk

–          toast, egg and cheese sandwich

–          tilapia with spices, butter and parmesan

–          potatoes and onion

–          broccoli and cheese

–          mocha coconut ice cream with bananas

** Went to whole foods today for my first time here in Ottawa, it was HUGE! And it was so lovely all the local and organic foods. I even saw the mayor there. I really didn’t realize how good it would feel to simply buy food. Knowing what I’m eating and where it’s coming from. I used to be so resistant to organic foods mainly because of the price and the fad of it all. Yes, it’s expensive. But man is it worth it, it feels so good! I brought my book a long to maybe get food and read or have coffee. But all I wanted was to get home with my groceries and get cooking. It’s a joy to cook and to know everything that you are eating. Any additives are to your own accord, butter, spices, so simple.


–          chocolate almond milk

–          gross lemonade iced tea

–          banana

–          water

–          quinoa pasta with sauce: tomatoes, mushrooms, kale, onion, garlic, parmesan

–          grapes and blueberries

–          mocha, almond coconut ice cream

** It’s crazy how time flies. I’ve been writing down everything I eat for over a month now. It’s become something I do automatically now. Sometimes I don’t get to it till just before bed or even the next day. I haven’t missed a day and I always get it done. I bought things to make cabbage rolls and such. Going to try and start making things outside of my usual. Looking forward to discovering new and delicious things.


–          water

–          green tea

–          soy vanilla decalf iced latte

–          cucumbers and tomatoes

–          pasta from last night (see yesterdays entry)

–          blackberry yogurt with blueberries

–          peanut m&m’s


–          GF pumpkin waffles with syrup

–          Chocolate almond milk

–          Water

–          Gingerale

–          Cucumber and tomatoes

–          Rice with cheese, butter, tilapia

–          Strawberry yogurt with blueberries

–          GF cookies (so gross, but finally finished the box)


–          chocolate almond milk

–          banana

–          GF pumpkin waffles with syrup

–          Strawberry yogurt with blueberries

–          Cucumbers

–          GF pasta with sauce with nutritional yeast

–          Gingerale and water

–          Peanut m&m’s

Love Always,



did not like the brown rice fajita .. supper greasy

did not like the brown rice fajita .. supper greasy






energy bites

energy bites


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