Being Genuine


Being Genuine

I know it sounds easy and obvious but it’s harder then you think.

I say super sweet things to my gf all the time, I want to make sure she knows she’s loved and cared about. I honestly enjoy telling her these things and making her feel good/loved. What I didn’t realize is that I am wanting the same. My gf doesn’t work like that and I know that. I also know that she loves me very much and really cares about me.

Last night when I said the sweet things, I was genuinely so happy to say them because I felt that way and wished those things I said upon her.

This morning when I saw no reply to what I said I was disappointed and wanted to be shown love in the same way. I realize that I didn’t want to be “shown love”, I wanted something back like I had said. She shows me love, all the time in so many ways . But I was disappointed because it wasn’t after I said something good. Not only did I expect an action, but timing as well.

I just have to love her the way I’m loving her and be content with that. When I get love I need to be grateful because she does love me and she is showing me that. I need to be genuinely grateful, being genuine when I say something. Before, during and after I say the words.


Another thing I’m going to be doing is being REALLY NICE. Whatever people do to me or how they treat me, I will continue to be nice. Other people shouldn’t suffer my bitterness because of some no name ignorant assholes.




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  1. I saw a thing on tv recently about the “language of love” and how two peoples language can be completely different so you have to learn how to read it. Some people like to say the words, but others like to use actions. Those actions might be physical but they can also be cleaning the house, or offering to run to the store for snacks and for them that really means the same thing. When you figure out the other persons language you can speak it sometimes and that can mean so much to them. For example, Barry makes crepes on Sunday. That’s his thing. He loves carrying on that tradition from his grandmother and father, but it is time consuming. So once in awhile I’ll make them early while he’s still in bed. You’d think I gave him a love letter! But that’s part of his love language.

    • I’m slowly coming to realize that. I actually just bought that book yesterday! M. And I are going to read it together 🙂 another thing that has come up is that she is trying to practice my language but i don’t feel she’s trying hard enough. That isn’t particularly the love language issue though. It’s that I was trying to control her response. She’ll always fail if I set such high expectations. I’ve learned a lot this week about myself, my relationships and my opportunities for growth 🙂

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