Attention Inwards


Each day we are given a new opportunity to be a better self. Sometimes I sit and do nothing but breathe, distracting myself with tv and that’s okay too. But most days I consciously make an effort almost every moment of the day, to be better. Whether that means my words, my health, my self-care or all of the above. I aim to be better then the day before.

Today I am aware of my movements, my thoughts and the effects they have. The effects they have on me and the people around me. A thought comes in, then I usually have a feeling, then a reaction.

Thought: decision, something noticed, admiration, hope, sight,
Emotion: negative, positive, passive, aggressive, sadness, hopeful, terror, fear, annoyed.
Reaction: * the emotion words can be used to describe the reaction as well.

Taking time to notice these things happening, as well as why they are happening is one of the most important practices in my life at this time. It may also come to be the most important practice of my life, period.
By noticing and asking yourself why, you can then work on how to get through it/deal with it. If you don’t make room or take time for this awareness you will never be able to take control. I may not get it down pat and I may not find my awareness everyday/all day like I would like. If I can notice where I’m at for just a moment each day, then I will be grateful.

Bringing my attention inwards is what’s important. I can watch people all day long. See them run red lights, be inconsiderate, talk rude, be absent minded, butcher yoga positions… I could literally go on all day about the lives/actions of others that get reaction out of me. What that does though, is take away from my attention to myself.

This could look something like not being present in the moment. Noticing how the sun/wind/rain feels on my skin. Not noticing that my right foot feels sore. Not paying attention to my breathing when I’m biking up a steep hill. Or it could be as simple as not noticing that it is a beautiful day. That this morning I had time to have a healthy breakfast, that I was able to take my time biking to yoga without being rushed. That I had a really bad headache this morning which is now gone.

If I take my time concerning myself with other things that are not going to effect me even in the slightest way, I take my attention away from something that’s very important.





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