An insurmountable amount of gratitude


My life right now is the kind of stuff dreams are made of and books are written about. I wish I was exaggerating but I’m really not and how I got here, only God knows.

The last blog I wrote was from an airport in Toronto, Ontario waiting to board a flight to Minneapolis. From there I would be getting on another plane to San Jose California, where I would be met by my girlfriend of 11 months at the airport. On my walk down to the bookstore/coffee shop this afternoon (where I’m writing from) I reminisced about how I was/ where I was in life when I first came to visit my girlfriend in November 2014. The same walk I just completed to get here, I was unable to complete even half of at that time. I had my gall bladder out in October, started talking to M. three days after the surgery, came to visit her in November, January, in March she came to Ottawa, I came back in May and here I am in September. After having my gallbladder removed I went on a not so fun journey finding out I had an allergy to wheat. M. and I have also had a lot of challenges, as many couples do. Long distance, different countries, illness, surgery, and work issues didn’t help either.

Carrying on about what I’ve been through or where I’ve been is just to set a background for the past year. Where I’m at right now is the dream that has become reality, and the past is what’s helped it be a dream and become this wonderful life I’m living. If M. didn’t message me on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest) almost a year ago I definitely wouldn’t be in California living a life with that beautiful woman of mine. Choosing to move across the country was a big step, HUGE! I couldn’t have done it without the support and love of some amazing people in my life. Making this choice also gave me the opportunity to spend time with M. two months to be more accurate. I’m this small town girl from Ottawa, Ontario who hasn’t really been very far, not working for 3 months and getting to live in California with my girlfriend. HOW FREAKING AMAZING!

Once again bringing attention to my health, where I came from and where I am now I couldn’t be more grateful. Don’t get me wrong things aren’t perfect. M. and I struggle with our strong personalities, different communication styles and our individual styles of living in a tiny living space. The acceptance that I don’t have my own money and have to let someone support me while I have no income. Don’t really have transportation, know very many people and too much time on my hands (it is a possible downside). I do have soooooo many amazing things! Someone who loves me unconditionally, is willing to work with me, supports me and my decisions, accepts and cherishes me. An amazing location to live close to the ocean, beaches, sunshine 90% of the time, bookstores, coffee shops, stunning views, adventures galore. My health! I have struggled long and hard with it, but have finally come to a good place where I’m no longer sick all the time (knock on wood), am able to walk, hike, and bike. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I was ungrateful for my life before. It is because of living that life that I have come to gain this one. All of this is my life, just different chapters, different pages and ever changing circumstances.

M. And I on a biker identity her family, stealing a kiss.

M. And I on a biker identity her family, stealing a kiss.

Marina beach

Marina beach

Coffee shop blogging

Coffee shop blogging


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